The Common Thread community believes that its participants have the right to be free from discrimination or harassment based on: race, colour, culture, place of birth, religion, beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital/employment/educational status, or economic circumstances.

We are committed to removing any barriers that exclude people and to addressing situations that make people feel uncomfortable in terms of their participation in any choir activity.  Members must be sensitive to human differences and to individual needs to make our community a safe and respectful place for all of us. Our goal is to make all activities fully accessible to members. We have tried to counteract as many limiting factors as possible. Help us expand the list by letting us know of your needs and concerns.


  • Fees may be paid in installments.
  • Subsidies are available for those who need them.
  • Subsidies are available for retreats, extra workshops, and basic items of concert dress.

Sustained effort is made to solicit grants and to raise money through various fund-raising endeavors in order to keep the fees as low as possible.

Please contact the Chorus Manager when you register; s/he is authorized to negotiate a subsidy for membership fees. We need your voice more than your money! Some of our events have a pay-what-you-can arrangement in which members who are more financially comfortable are encouraged to contribute what they can to support others.


  • Rehearsal space and performance venues are wheelchair accessible.
  • Braille materials can be arranged for members who need them.
  • Environmental sensitivities are accommodated at scent-free and smoke-free events.
  • For members with mobility issues and for whom use of TTC would be problematic, the choir will attempt to arrange rides. Contact the membership liaison.
  • For members who depend on WheelTrans, we monitor the service to ensure that no one waits alone for rides. We are prepared to arrange private transportation to and from concerts where precise timing is essential.

For those with allergies and sensitivities, we ask members to refrain from using scented products during rehearsals, retreats, and concerts.


  • Skill development activities are incorporated within rehearsals.
  • A musical buddy system is available.
  • Rehearsal recordings are provided.


A multicultural calendar is used to schedule events, and every effort is made to avoid conflicts with important religious and cultural holidays. Since regular rehearsals are on Wednesdays, some conflicts are inevitable. If you have a conflict of this kind, please let your social section leader know as soon as possible. As long as you give advance notice, this rehearsal does not count as an absence.

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