Welcome Common Thread-ers!

Welcome to the members-only section of the website. On it you’ll find our practice tracks and copies of the Weekly among other things. You can navigate this section with the menu above. To return to the main website, simply click on the Back to Main Site link in the menu.

What did I sign up for?

Common Thread is a unique organization and a group of wonderful people dedicated to social justice and making music.  We’ve been around since 2000 so we’ve accumulated some collective wisdom about how best to keep ourselves on track.  Please take a few moments to read over (and even download) the information below.  There are some expectations of members that may be unlike those in other choirs in the city, but above all, we want to be inclusive.  Please talk to your Social or Music Section Leaders or a member of the Board if you have concerns with anything below.

IF you are a new member, or if you have inadvertently unsubscribed from the Members Newsletter, The Weekly, and wish to subscribe or resubscribe yourself, please go to Subscribe to The Weekly and fill in the form. The Editor cannot add you if you yourself have unsubscribed.

Below is information for new and old(er) members alike, like the Member Handbook, choir policies, etc…  (We’ll try to keep it updated with the latest versions.)

The Member Handbook: A handy guide for all things Common Thread, newly re-edited last November by our President, is available on the Other Important Files page at


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