Musical Training & Skills Development

Skill Development

Throughout the year, musical skills are increased through voice training and ear training.  In a typical voice training session during rehearsal or retreats, we practice breathing techniques, develop voice range, learn to avoid vocal strain and achieve desired sounds. Often Common Thread contracts local conductors or  singers to lead these voice training sessions, enabling the choir to learn new techniques from additional resource people.

There is also the added opportunity to enhance musical skills through ear training, offered in 30-minute lessons before rehearsals over a number of weeks in the fall and winter. Ear training helps us learn how to sing intervals and melodies using the do-re-mi system, and other skills related to reading music from a printed page.

We may schedule workshops outside of rehearsal time for additional voice or ear training or for other skills such as harmony singing, rhythm, or confidence-building.

Attendance at these workshops is strongly encouraged but not required.

Special Vocal Training

During the season the conductor and assistant conductor of the adult choir may invite a guest conductor/vocalist to lead us in a more intensive warm-up and vocal training.  We often offer this opportunity at the fall and winter retreats. We learn new and different ways to warm-up and to extend our vocal range.

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