CTS Music

Here are a bunch of songs we are starting with:

Labour songs

Union Train

We Shall Not Be Moved

Step By Step, The Longest March

We Are Building a Strong Union

There is Power in a Union (Billy Bragg lyrics)

One Foot in Front of the Other

Solidarity Forever (Lyrics by Ralph Chaplin, to the tune of John Brown’s Body)

Roll the Union On

Never Turning Back, by Pat Humphries, as sung by Common Thread Chorus

And a lyric sheet to print out:

CTS-Labour lyrics.pdf

CTS-Labour lyrics.docx

Here are some climate-change songs:

There Are More Waters Rising

The Tide is Rising

I Believe

Do It Now! to the tune of Bella Ciao

We Are the Ones

Temagami Round, by Marie-Lynn Hammond, as sung by Common Thread Chorus

People gonna rise like the water: song lyrics for the streets, from 350.0rg

And a Climate March lyric sheet:

Climate March lyrics.docx