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Common Thread Community Chorus: “In One Word”


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URGENT – CT CHORUS NEEDS ADDED MALE VOICES (especially bass singers)

This is CT’s 20th season, during which we will celebrate our 2 decades of singing. Even so, we find ourselves a few basses short of a full choir. To perform with a well balanced sound, including songs we will sing with special guests Eve Goldberg and Pat Humphries, we must urgently increase the numbers of bass singers.

as a male, you want to join the choir yourself;
you send this urgent request to a male friend, neighbour or contact who may want to sing with CT;
you post this message in community spaces (i.e. YMCA men’s changeroom notice boards) frequented by men; or
you send this message to groups with men who may want to sing with CT.

Interested individuals can email info@commonthreadchorus.ca. The just need to provide their name, email address and phone number with a note indicating that they want to sing in the Bass Section.
Those interested can also sign up using the Common Thread Chorus website. They can just fill in the form at the Sing With Us tab at http://commonthreadchorus.ca/. (On the website form they will mark XX in front of their name, so CT can identify the forms related this special request.)

NOTE:  If, after a review by our conductor, your voice turns out to be tenor, CT will welcome you in that voice section.

The deadline for joining CT is Oct. 15, 2018, so act soon!